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Porn director !

Maybe a bit surprising for some people but an obvious choice for me today as I didn't find my account in the current porn industry!

But I did not manage to launch myself in this project without reason, here is my story.

It's the result of two major elements, my passion for cinema and my dissatisfaction as a consumer of porn.

As a teenager, I was attracted to porn, like many of you, and I started by watching artistic erotica.

I remember my first movie... I stole the VHS from my father and took advantage of a Wednesday afternoon to watch the wonderful Empire of the Senses by Oshima. This film was for me a real slap in the face! This sacrificial ceremony is as fascinating as it is disturbing. This passion that unites the two lovers, the devouring power of sex, its obsession until reaching the infernal spiral was for me the beginning of my appetence for quality porn.

Also, when later, with my boyfriend, I watched some rather classic "mainstream" porn of the time, I didn't like it at all. I felt that women didn't enjoy the sex, that the man was taking on a macho dimension and the woman was screaming her fake pleasure. I found it disgusting and I felt this lack, there was no realistic porn, porn that resembled my sexuality!

At the same time, I started to study classical cinema and communication. As a great cinephile, cinema made me dream and still makes me dream.

Les films de Michael Haneke et John Cassavetes hier.

Ceux de Steve Mac Queen, Gonzalo Inarritu et Xavier Dolan aujourd’hui.

While looking for a new job, I had the opportunity to become a Production Manager in an adult TV channel where I was able to get to the heart of the matter: attend shootings, work with one of the founders of ethical porn in France (Ovidie), meet very nice actors and actresses, see the underbelly of the profession with its positive sides but also its dark sides.

And then I thought about Oshima and I said to myself that if a man in Japan in the 70's had managed to propose such an artistic film about sexual passion, there was a place in this world for a form of real pornographic cinema with simple stories where the details matter.

That's what I'm proposing to you today: porn oriented towards you, towards your sexuality, towards our uncomplicated generation.



I propose you to enter my world, in the era of light, fresh and terribly sexy porn!

I promise you a vision different from the usual standards!
No more plumber who comes to fix the washing machine and gets paid in kind, here you will find realistic porn sometimes funny as our life can be and especially with my point of view.

I want to bring my own discourse, my own representation of porn, not to be hostage to the discourse or images of others.

I want to show you other sexualities than the very stereotyped ones of the "mainstream" porn, which is generally macho and sexist.

Each of my films will deal with a theme on sexuality which will be treated in the form of fiction and exchanges with the actors who will give you a part of their intimacy. All in a relaxed atmosphere with humor and lightness.

I make quality porn where aesthetics rhymes with pleasure.

I make porn that I like, that excites me, that stimulates me and each of my films offers you a part of me, of my fantasies or of my own experiences because the best inspiration in porn is life.

I do not seek to advise you, nor to educate you but I bring you anecdotes, ideas... to stimulate your senses and to spice up your own lives. My porn is for all women and men who don't find themselves in the current porn, for those who don't take women for pieces of meat or men for big hicks.

I promise to always surprise you with my stories, to always sublimate you with passion, to always excite you with love and lust, and to always be honest with you.
Thanks to you, thanks to the people who surround me, help me and support me, I can finally do what I love, I can be me, an aesthetic, artistic and above all ethical porn director!

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