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Les amants nocturnes

Ellia and Dario Matters are a couple of modern vampires.
Ellia is much older than Dario, in fact she is his creator.

She can't stand the present world anymore and decided that they would live in reclusion, far from this civilization that she deeply despises.

Dario is younger, a little more than 200 years old, he still has this ardour which pushes him to make strange and exciting dreams. He would like to be able to go out, to party and to let his impulses dictate his nightly excursions. But Ellia refuses to live this life of wasted resources and doesn't want to drink humans anymore. For her, this world is a disgrace, ravaged by humans who have wasted, destroyed their resources and even managed to contaminate their own blood.

The couple is quite bored, locked up at home, counting the hours until night. Until the day when a young girl from the census rings at their door and brings them a breath of fresh air.

Runtime: 00:31
Casting: Bebe Melkor-Kadior, Yumie Volupte, Pierre
Language: Français
en_GBEnglish (UK)