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Following her separation, Lou, a reserved young woman, rents out a room in her oversized apartment, which she finds difficult to manage alone. During one of her dance classes, she meets Charlotte, a photographer, looking for a new place to live. After settling in, Lou is quickly troubled by Charlotte, as much by her attitude, voluntarily casual and liberated, as by her beauty and charisma.

A passionate story between the two women begins, allowing Lou to explore new sensations and new experiences, shattering the limits that were hers until then. The evidence of their love and their complicity is no longer in doubt...

But this enchantment is going to end brutally when Lou is victim of a bicycle accident making him lose his mobility. Charlotte, totally distraught, will do everything she can to try to bring back the flame that once animated them. To do this, she will call upon Emma, who works as a sex worker. Emma, a sex worker, reconciles the soul and body of her patients in physical or psychological pain.

Emma gently shows Lou that her body is not only suffering but also pleasure. Charlotte's love and the sessions with Emma will transcend Lou until she regains hope and self-esteem. From this hope, an unshakeable strength will be born that will allow her to rise from this immense ordeal.

Runtime: 01:31
Casting: Romy Furie, Bebe Melkor-Kadior, Yumie Volupte, Misungui, Marie Léa Kinka, Rico Simmons, Bishop Black, Cybèle Lespérance, Kay Garnellen, Petra Von Schatz
Language: Français
en_GBEnglish (UK)