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La vérité est ailleurs

Detective Harry Covenere and his dog Miss Marple are given a mission of the utmost importance! A top secret and dangerous mission: to find the inspector, The Octopus, who has been missing for 48 hours and was last seen east of the old city.

To do this, he goes to Mimi's, a nightclub run by the Mistress of the East Irma!

A place as beautiful as dangerous because the police has no right, once the cobblestones of the old city crossed, it is the women who have right of life or death.

Irma, as sublime as she is icy, runs her establishment with an iron fist: "If you have money and respect the limits imposed by the women here, your dreams can come true, but if you have the misfortune to break the contract, watch out", she likes to repeat to the strangers crossing her doors.

Harry Covère begins his investigation meticulously and discovers the habits of the Octopus. He was madly in love with the sweet and young Wendy Purple.

Irma and Wendy tell the story of the last time they saw the Octopus, but a story like this one hints at fantasies and lies.

Will Harry Covère be able to sort out the truth from the falsehood or will he let himself be dragged into the phantasmagorical intoxication of these women, as sublime as they are dangerous?

Runtime: 00:41
Casting: Mya Lorenn, Misungui, Doryann Marguet, Simon Founkels, Anoushka, Lady Mia
Language: Français, Français sous-titré anglais
en_GBEnglish (UK)