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Camille, a therapist, lives a beautiful love story with her partner Margot. For some time now, Camille has been looking for inspiration to write a novel, but Margot's desire to have a child rekindles a deep pain in Camille.

Camille, tormented by a dramatic event from her past, which she has never told her partner about, meets Nina, a sunny dancer who wants to start a therapy with her.

Nina exposes her doubts about her current life with her partner Gaël, choreographer of the troupe. The encounters with Nina become more and more captivating. The fire that burns in Nina radiates from Camille to the point that she decides to break all her rules by following her to an artist's residency in order to escape Margot's plans and live this budding passion.

These intense moments with Nina euphorize Camille and allow her to face her demons. Camille and Nina will share fears and anxieties until a form of catharsis that will allow both women to choose their destinies and their life patterns.

Camille will decide to be honest with Margot and the two women will decide to find another parenting scheme. As for Nina, she will find the strength to face her fear of the void.

An intimate film

In Captive, her fourthème feature film, Anoushka offers us an intimate, committed and very gentle comedy.

Anoushka tackles strong themes such as mourning, ART for all (*)(*) and co-parenting.

We go through moments of Camille's life who is wavering, questioning, losing herself to finally free herself and find the path to a free and chosen happiness.

Anoushka shares with us the doubts and fears of her female characters until these strong women decide to rewrite their stories.

* The film was shot before the promulgation of the bioethics law.

Runtime: 01:31
Casting: Misungui, Carmina, Bébé Melkor - Kadior, Rico Simmons, Mya Lorenn, Bishop Black, Lullabyebye, Kay Garnellen, Doryann Marguet, Petra Von Schatz.
Language: Français
en_GBEnglish (UK)